Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sculpture in Sculpture

One of my recent interests is sculpture in sculpture. I build an encased scene and incorporate it into a larger related sculpture. I feel this gives the viewer a much deeper connection. This also adds a very engaging and attractive quality to the overall sculpture.


Lampworking or Torch Working

The technique of lampworking, defined as,
glass heated with a unidirectional and
focused flame appeared in the 5th
century b.c. This is the basic technique used
by Tim Wilson to create his works of art.
Using an oxy-propane fueled torch
Tim brings his imagination into the
physical realm. Inspired by nature,
movement and balance this artist pursues
his passion with fire and molten glass.
Tim Wilson

Tim will tell you he has been an Artist his whole life.”When I was 3 years old I walked into the kitchen and my Grandfather was painting a canvas . I knew at that moment I would be an Artist.” He has explored a wide range of mediums and most recently adding torch working glass to his experience as an Artist.
“There is something mesmerizing about glass. The color qualities, depth and light-play make glass a very special medium. Add fire and you have an art form that is exhilarating and ALIVE.”

Tim has an extensive background in metal working and is a skilled welder and jeweler. He relates his numerous hours of torch working metal to his success in torch working glass. He has spent thousands of hours "playing with fire"and bringing his ideas to life using this very demanding tool.